Bold, Boss Bitch Business – Safiya Nygaard

It is incredibly hard to dive off into the unknown, open, anything-can-catch-you-and-kill-you sea when you are comfortable in a warm bed with freshly washed sheets and a steady paycheck. Safiya Nygaard inspires me. If you are unaware, she is a former Buzzfeed creator who ditched the seemingly green grass fields of the Los Angeles unit… Continue reading Bold, Boss Bitch Business – Safiya Nygaard


We can’t afford Kingston’s rent costs

This is a letter I wrote for the Jamaica Observer that was published today, January 26th about the high cost of rent in Kingston. You can check out the original on their website:   Dear Editor, I must say that I am in absolute agreement with Andrew King’s January 19, 2016 article ‘Affordable housing crisis… Continue reading We can’t afford Kingston’s rent costs


Gender-based Violence at Mona: #SpeakUpUWI

Great observations and research. This article pretty much covers the whole saga. #SpeakUpUWI

Active Voice


The University of the West Indies’ repeated claims that it was clueless about the level of gender-based violence (GBV), or any violence on its campus for that matter, because it “cannot admit to a phenomenon that is not supported by data collected by UWI” are damaging the institution. They are an embarrassment because they lead to the inevitable conclusion that there are fundamental problems with UWI’S methods of data collection. Either that or the methods are designed to evade collection of data that would indicate beyond any shadow of a doubt the enormity of the problem.

Because of course the University’s claims that GBV is not a major issue at the university flies in the face of the experience of students who have to live and work on its campus. For the first time in a long time students mobilized social media to make their views known using the hashtag…

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Fresher’s Packing List

Recently, one of my favourite incoming UWI students/Prestonites asked me to make her a list of essentials for her first year at University. So here is what I came up with. If you think of any others that I may have missed out please add them in the comments below. Enjoy! 😀 Personal Stuff 1.… Continue reading Fresher’s Packing List